Monthly Archives: April 2007

Earth Day – Service For All Ages Team

Click here to hear this service of music, poetry and song put on by the Service for All Ages Team and the Family Choir.  After the song the entire congregation went outside to tour the grounds and view the gardens. Advertisements

Annual Meeting – April 29, 2007

The business meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk County.  To listen to the recorded session of the meeting click here.

Celebration RE Youth

A special service for the UU youth that are moving on to adulthood, and to thank all the volunteers who helped with this years Religious Education of our UU youth.  To listen to this service click here.

Why Do We Find Hope in Bunny Rabbits – Rev. Eva Cameron

Click here to listen to this service

Child Dedication April 2007

Click here to listen to this years Child Dedication

“The Pickwick Papers” – The Rev. Eva Cameron.

Sue Wilson bid on a sermon preached from a book of her choice at the Treats & Talents action. She won a sermon, and picked the book “The Pickwick Papers” because she feels a strong resonance with the themes of the book in connecting with the world today. Come and hear Eva give her thoughts […]