Monthly Archives: September 2008

Gandhi Jayanti – Rev. Eva Cameron – Sept 28, 2008

This service honors the Birthday of Gandhi and his committment to effecting large changes in governments and in societies using the tools of ahimsa.  To listen to this service click here. Advertisements

Fall Equinox – Rev. Eva Cameron

Crisp fall leaves, brilliant blue sky, harvesting crops and fruits while the squirrels harvest their nuts.  All these and many other images fill our heads as we dream of fall.  Autumn offers a special message inviting us to grow ourselves spiritually as well, if we only pause to read the scripture written on the turning […]

The Knocking of Our Hearts: Knoxville Remembered

This summer, Unitarian Universalist hearts joined ours in lurching as we heard the news that the Knoxville UU Church had suffered critical losses due to a man entering the sanctuary with a gun and firing it.  It is important to pause, and hold closely all those peole, memories, places and ideas we hold sacred, special, […]

Dare to Grow – Meditation from Service -Rev. Eva Cameron

To listen to the Time for Meditation and Journaling click here.

Daring to Grow – Rev. Eva Cameron – Sept 7, 2008

Rev Eva Cameron explores with us some of the directions this year’s theme  can take us as a community and as individuals. To listen to this service click here.