Monthly Archives: December 2008

New Year’s Chapel

New Year’s Chapel Some say doing the same thing again expecting different results is foolish. Others say the variables are always changing so doing the same thing again expecting the same results is also foolish. Whether either or both views are correct, stopping to take a look back and a look forward is worth doing.  […]

UU Christmas Pageant

The Service For All Ages Team , Rev. Eva , and others enacted the Christmas story with reflection on just what it all means from voices of UUs with differing theological points of view–funny, respectful, and inspiring.   To listen to the service click here.

Hurry Up, Slow Down

Does the ‘holiday season’  get your blood pressure up as you think of all the things that need to get done before the 25th?! Just as the one approach to this holiday asks us to rush about at break-neck speed, there is another side that asks us to slow down, to reflect, to listen, to […]