Monthly Archives: March 2009

Justice Sunday 2009

Each year the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is featured at a Sunday service. To listen to the opening song by the Theoretical String Band, Opening Words, the Chalice Lighting, The Children’s Story read by Al Hays and the Meditation led by the Rev. Eva Cameron click here. To listen to the Rev Eva Cameron’s sermon […]

Rite of Spring – Children’s Dedication

This early spring service is an opportunity to celebrate Spring with music and drama.  We also dedicate children who are new to our UU faith.  In the first podcast you can listen to the Children’s Choir sing the Garden Song, hear the Chalice lighting and the Children’t Dedication.  To listen click here. In the second […]

Feeling Crabby

March is supposed to “come in like a lion” but sometimes it seems to bring a lot more crabs than lions as we are all weary of winter weather.  What can we do with the upsets, angers and crabbiness we find popping up in our lives? To listen to the opening words, chalice lighting, children’s […]

Dare to Give

The Stewardship Team and Rev Eva Cameron explore the deeper meaning of giving during this service. The first podcast includes the opening music, the opening words, chalice lighting and the children’s story. To hear this section of the service click here. The second podcast includes the Stewardship moment, Offering, The Sermon by Mike Knapp and […]

Where Do My Passions Meet the World’s Deepest Needs?

Reflections On Postville. Perry-O Sliwa brought us her ongoing story of intentional living and thoughtful action as she shared her story of thougts and vocation and her engagement with a family profoundly changed since the Postville Immigration raids. To listen to the choir and then to Perry-O tell the children a story about the family […]