Monthly Archives: September 2009

Returning to Oneness – Rev Eva Cameron

This podcast begins with the Chalice Lighting by Judy Harrington. The Rev. Eva Cameron sermon is about recognizing the power of realizing the blessings you have in your life, choosing to listen for love. The web of life that surrounds us speaks to us everyday. This was also a journal Sunday. To listen to this […]

Fall Equinox – Rev Eva Cameron, Service For All Ages

The service for all ages team, Karen Impola and the Rev. Eva Cameron put together a service to celebrate the autumn and the lessons it offers us on our Spiritual journey with song, drama, poetry and joy.   To listen to the Introduction, the Apple Tree Skit, the Meditation, a poem by Mary Oliver and conclusion […]

Standing on the Side of Love

Together UU’s from all over the country are working toward Standing on the Side of Love.  Today Rev. Eva Cameron helps us explore the Spiritual Theme for the coming year.  To listen to the Opening Words,Chalice Lighting and the Meditation click here. To listen to the sermon click here.

Labor Day Chapel – Al Hays

Professor Al Hays brought us the message on Labor Day, with a Message titled “The Labor Theory of Value”. To listen to the Opening Words, the Chalice Lighting and the Message click here. This was a short service after which there was an all church clean up and then a pot luck luncheon.