Monthly Archives: October 2009

Chief Black Hawk’s Story

Rev Eva Cameron ask’s us to pause before we enter the month of “thanksgiving and pilgrims” to honor a man “Chief Black Hawk” whose story is not so well know to us as that of the “founding fathers”.  Rev. Eva shared with us some history about the man for whom Black Hawk County is named […]

Missed Lincoln’s Cabin by Five Miles

Every summer as Eva travels, there are things she gets so close to, and yet misses.  This year, it was Lincoln’s cabin.  This got her to thinking about the nature of life, choices, and what we give up as we go along life’s journey.  To listen to this service click here.

Association Sunday – Grow Our Spirit

On this Sunday we joned with UUs all over the country to celebrate our common movement and to raise money to help fund the growth of Unitarian Universalism.  In fact, some of the money raised has helped us join with our churches in Iowa to create sponsored spots about UUism on IPR.  To listen to […]

Ghandhi Jayanti – Bill Chene

This talk and meditation on Ghandhi is presented by member Bill Chene on the occasion of Chandhi’s Birthday.  To listen to this service click here.