Monthly Archives: March 2010

Rite of Spring

Rite of Spring: A Festival Sunday ~ Festival Team, Stephen Orsborn (WA) The Festival Team celebrates the arrival of Spring with music, drama and poetry. To listen to the meditation, a skit about spring by the UU Drama Team and the closing words click here. To listen to the opening words and the Child Dedication […]

Smash The Jug and Come to the River

Smash the Jug and Come to the River ~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Staci Chananie-Hill This year as we think about “Standing on the Side of Love” we must consider the first step of love, and that is self-love. Interestingly, self-love often involves self-loss, and then you can love others more fully too. To listen to […]

La Dolce Vita – Abundance Sunday

Rev Eva Cameron and Mike Knapp were  co-preaching for this Sunday service.  During the service they read some of the many comment cards the members wrote about what this church meant to them.  The congregation was asked to bring their pledge forms to the service and they were collected and tallied during the service, with […]