Monthly Archives: April 2011

Beauty in the Breakdown

Starting from a blog posting by Elise Hanson this winter, Join Elise and Rev. Eva in this conversational sermon about finding beauty in the most unlike of spots. Happy Easter! To listen to this service click here. Advertisements

Palm Sunday: Communion

Rev Eva Cameron returns from her sabatical and helps us celebrate the story of Jesus’ trumphal arrival into Jerusalem. Is there a message for us today in this ancient story? Rev Eva and Staci Chananie-Hill (Worship Associate) co-preach. To listen to this service click here.

Living Laughing Loving and Learning

Staci Chananie-Hill one of our Worship Associates brings us the sermon today. She says about today’s sermon, “April is a good month for taking time to sit still. It is the first month where we really welcome back life after the long days of winter. By paying very close attention and resting in stillness while […]