Living Laughing Loving and Learning

Staci Chananie-Hill one of our Worship Associates brings us the sermon today. She says about today’s sermon, “April is a good month for taking time to sit still. It is the first month where we really welcome back life after the long days of winter. By paying very close attention and resting in stillness while we garden, sit outside, or go for a walk, we can really see how quickly things around us change. How does sitting still engender joyful living and learning? How does learning to become in touch with our outer physical world through mindful awareness create a space for us to master the art of sitting still? Let’s have a conversation about how sitting still can really help us live to the fullest the four “Ls” in our life: Living, Laughing, Loving, and Learning

To listen to the Opening Words, Chalice Lighting and Meditation Click here.
To listen to the Sermon Click Here.

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