Monthly Archives: February 2012

Youth Sunday

This is the third year that our YoUUth Group has enjoyed the guidance of Kevin and Angie Stafsholt. They are becoming a loving and trusting community while discussing the philosophical issues in Dr. Clark Porter’s book Make Up Your Mind. The service is on Courage.  To listen to the service totally brought to you by […]

Things Fall Apart

February  19th Things Fall Apart ~~ The Rev. Audette Fulbright Fulson, Bill Chene (WA)Every faith tradition must offer some response to the disruptions we experience in our lives.  This morning as Rev. Audette explores the possibilities and pitfalls in our human and spiritual responses to change, suffering, and the unexpected.Hailing originally from South Carolina by way of […]

Festival Sunday: Love

~~ The Festival Team, Steve Orsborn (WA) In this fun and festive celebration, we  explore some of the different kinds of love.  To listen to this service click here

Charter for Compassion: A Wish for a Better World

February  5th Charter for Compassion, Part 2 ~~ The Rev. Eva Cameron, Deblyn Russell Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, Karen Armstrong’s new book, provides practical advice on compassionate living.    This week we will focus on the second three steps of empathy, mindfulness, and action. The Committee on Ministry also presents a Thank UU award […]