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The Fun and Faithful Journey: A Bridging Sunday ~~ RE Teachers, The Rev. Eva Cameron, Maureen Murphy (WA)

May 20th   Children’s Religious Education Sunday The Fun and Faithful Journey:  A Bridging Sunday ~~ RE Teachers, The Rev. Eva Cameron, Maureen Murphy (WA)A service presented by the younger members of our congregation in collaboration with their teachers and Rev. Eva.  At this service, Matthew Bancroft-Smithe and Thorsson Questra—wonderful youth who we’ve seen flourish from young children to young adults—will be […]

At the Center: The Search For Beauty, Truth and Right: Our Annual Flower Communion Service

Listen to this beautiful service where each member brings a flower and each one takes one home, plus a sermon on beauty, truth and right by Rev Eva Cameron.  To listen click here.

At the Center – The Unknown

We continue our exploration of what we find and hold as our Spiritual Center by looking at the sacred art of not knowing. For some, holding an age-old practice of questioning life and reality of all we cannot know is very centering; or as we sing, “to question is an answer!” To listen to this […]