Monthly Archives: September 2012

In Service 0f …Reason

Unitairan Universalist have a special pride in being a rational religion. Eva states: “When I was a kid, I used to tell people I liked to belong to a religion where I didn’t have to check my brain at the door.” How have we served the advancement of reason, among ourselves, among religions, and in […]

In Service of – Forgiveness

As the Jewish community pauses and takes time to make amends before they enter their new year, their holiday of Yom Kippur reminds us all of the sacred act of forgiveness. How can forgiveness be of service? To listen to this serivce click here.

Festival Sunday

Festival Sunday: : Gathering. . .In Service of Each Other : : ~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, The Festival Team We explore the gifts we gather to help sustain each other through the dark winters of our lives. This service, like all Festival Sundays, is especially created to speak to people of all ages in poetry, […]

In Service – Serving the Cedar Valley for Fifty Years

For the first sermon of the new church year we explored the many ways we have served and can continue to serve each other and our larger community.  We celebrated fifty years since the merger of the Unitarians and the universalists in the Cedar Valley.  To listen to the sermon click here.