Monthly Archives: March 2013

In Service of Transformation An Easter Celebration

Our community joins together to celebrate the Easter holiday. How has Unitarian Universalism helped you transform your life? What meaning can we make of the risen Christ?  To listen to this service click here. Advertisements

In Service of Death – March 24, 3013

 Rev. Kali Hayslett, Karen Impola (WA) Join us as community minister and hospice chaplain Rev. Kali Hayslett shares stories about her work with families .  Palm Sunday is a celebration of the life of Jesus, the human life, the impact one person can make on their community.  Hospice ministry is about helping people live even when they are […]

Festival Sunday – March 17, 2014

March 17thtt Festival Sunday: In Service of. . . Festival Sunday: In Service of. . . In Service of. . .Awakening Awakening ~~ Festival Sunday Team, Del Carpenter (WA) Our celebration of spring! With any luck the bees are buzzing, the buds swelling, and days lengthening. How does our faith strengthen and sustain our awakening? […]

In Service of…Leadership March 10, 2013

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Karen Impola (WA) Some religions are good at creating followers.  Our progressive faith encourages the development of leaders.  We look at some of the well-known UU leadership in our world, and explore how our theology invites us into a place up front, leading the way!  To listen to this service click […]