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Community Gardening – Martin Luther King Jr. Part II – January 19, 2014

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Bill Chene (WA) This Sunday we continue to honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy of living a life of purpose, as we explore how he used this tool to build a community of justice seekers. To Listen to this service click here. Advertisements

Martin Luther King, Jr.- Part 1: A Profile in Courage ~~ Bill Chene, Del Carpenter (WA)

Worship Associates Bill Chen and Del Carpenter bring us today’s message about how Dr. King and others in passive resistance movements displayed both courage and restraint in leading America’s civil rights movement. This will be the first of a two part series with Rev. Eva completing the message on the 19th.| To listen to this […]

Community Gardening – Jan 5, 2014

Community Gardening: Remembering What Grandpa Taught Us ~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, John Miller (WA) Join us for our Anniversary Sunday communion, and a message about how we grow community as we remember those who have gone before us. To listen to this service click here.