Monthly Archives: February 2009

Lincoln Bicentennial

Lincoln’s values and causes are central to UU beliefs. Our forefathers and the forefather’s of his day had an active involvement in the abolitionist movement and other progressive causes of that era. Let’s celebrate 200 years of progress.  To hear this program click here. Advertisements

Love – A Service For All Ages

The  Rev. Eva and the Service For All Ages Team  used music, drama and poetry to share with the congregation about all the many ways that love touches our lives. This podcast of the service is divided into 3 separate podcasts. To listen to part 1, which includes the Children’s Choir, the Opening words, the […]

Darwin Day. A Celebration of Darwin’s 200th Birthday

We have a special love of the relationship of science and religion. For some, Darwin’s evolution has become their religious myth as well as a scientific theory. Let’s celebrate the man, his ideas and how they have rocked our religious world! To listen to the Theoretical String Band play “Hey Charley”, The Rev. Eva Cameron’s […]

Facing Our Fears: Youth Sunday

What are we afraid of, and why? In order to “dare to grow” we need to face these questions. The UUYouth will lead us in a service exploring the theme of fear.  To listen to this service click here.