Monthly Archives: November 2011

Changing the Message to Match the Market – Albert Browne

The retelling of the story of Christ for a medieval Germanic audience.  Taking this as a starting point, Al Browne examines how radically religious messages may be changed to match the market.  To listen to this service click here. Advertisements

Festival Sunday: Thanksgiving Hunger Communion

To listen to this service by the Festival Team Click here.

Creating Pain

There is something about the nature of being human that attract us to our sufferings and sorrows.  We are moved by finding others who have experienced life’s sorrows that are similar to ours.  We often secretly thrill in telling others just how dificult our childhood ws, or how our workplace wrongs us.  One of the […]

The Power of Creation

The first in the series on the creative/creation/creator concept, listen as we explore the creative act as one of the facets of what it means to be human. What do you creat? What have you created? How do you relate to the power you have to create? To listen to the sermon click here.