Monthly Archives: October 2012

Our 50th Anniversary Service

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Del Carpenter (WA) Come celebrate! We will have a Homecoming Service, as we invite all those who have been a part of our growth and development over the years to join us on this special day. To listen to the 50th Anniversary Service Click here Advertisements

In Service of the Common good

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Maureen Murphy (WA) One beautiful reason to belong to a religious community is that it helps us turn our focus beyond our own lives and towards something larger. The call to serve the Common Good rang in the lives of our founders, and still seems to be a vibrant principle today. […]

In Service of Free Thought

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Karen Impola (WA) Free-thought is a religious principle that has a long history with both Unitarianism and Universalism. Our doors have long served as a refuge where people could come and apply their own understandings of religion to their lives. As we near our Fiftieth Anniversary we celebrate a rallying cry […]