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Community Gardening: Buying Our Community Gardening: Buying Our Buying Our Seed – 2/23/2014

 Stewardship Sunday ~ Stewardship Sunday ~~ Rev. Eva CameronOnce you’ve settled on what you are doing with your garden, the next step is commitment: you buy the seed. For our Iowa farmers, this can be many thousands of dollars, but also a commitment to what kind and variety of seed to choose. For the home […]

Community Gardening: Climate Conditions February 9, 2014 Eva Cameron

~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Karen Impola (WA)  One of the challenges of gardening is coming to terms with the idea that no matter how lovely the certain flower or fruit looks in the catalogue, if it is zoned for the deep south and you live in Iowa, it’s just not going to grow. Or if […]